Welcome to EO Consulting, LLC.  We are a management consulting firm whose mission is to help organizations achieve excellence through model-based approaches to business problems in the domains of Enterprise Architecture and Business Process Analysis.  We bring decades of experience providing services to private businesses large and small, non-profit organizations, and government agencies.  We are committed to demonstrating our core values below through our delivery:
  • Unquestioned Quality and Client Service
  • Thought Leadership and Innovation
  • Honesty and Integrity 
The "EO" in our name is an abbreviation for Enterprise Ontology.  Ontology is the philosophical investigation of the nature of reality, existence, or being.  Additionally, ontology is the endeavor to understand the categories of being and their relationships.  
Our experience had led us to understand that a common conceptual schema is a fundamental success factor in any enterprise transformation initiative. Developing and employing a common vocabulary across the enterprise is the key to discovering our current assets, better understanding them and their relationships, and developing meaningful roadmaps for optimization and transformation.  

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